• Oct 12, 2011 | Global NGO Deworming Inventory

    NGOs involved with deworming are still able to participate in the 2010 Global NGO Deworming Inventory.

    By contributing to the Inventory you’ll help the global deworming community build stronger partnerships to more effectively treat...

  • Oct 10, 2011 | The Berkeley Blog

    In the late 1990’s, UC Berkley's Ted Miguel joined forces with Harvard's Michael Kremer to conduct a piece of ground-breaking research to evaluate the education impacts of school-based deworming campaigns in Western Kenya.

  • Oct 8, 2011 | The Standard, Kenya

    Sick children are not as able to learn in school as their healthy classmates. For millions of children across the world this illness is caused by intestinal worms. These parasitic worms can cause cause anaemia, stunted growth, lethargy, impaired...

  • Oct 7, 2011 | MIT Spectrum

    MIT Professor Kristin Forbes admits she once wondered if economics was “all about doing proofs in an ivory tower.” Now, as a founder of Deworm the World, she has seen firsthand “the power of good economics to improve the lives of millions.”

  • Patna, India:

  • Sep 9, 2011 | www.schoolsandhealth.org

    Tuesday 13 September sees the launch of the UK NTD Coalition which aims to promote awareness and action on NTDs by bringing together UK organisations and policy makers.

    To mark this special occasion the British Parliament is holding a...

  • Jul 18, 2011 | Global NGO Deworming Inventory

    You are invited to participate in the 2010 Global NGO Deworming Inventory to help ensure the deworming work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs) and other independent organizations is recognized and counted...

  • Jun 22, 2011 | The World Bank

    On 29 June, 2011, The World Bank will host a seminar exploring compelling new reasons to focus on school-based deworming. DtW President Michael Kremer and DtW Executive Director Lesley Drake will both be speaking at the seminar.

  • Jun 16, 2011 | Financial Times

    William Crouch, Head of Research at Giving What We Can, makes a case for deworming following the UK government’s $2.5bn pledge to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation and the ensuing debate about whether it was the best use of funds...

  • May 20, 2011 | New York Times

    Nicholas Kristof mentions school-based deworming as one of the best ways to get more kids in school.

    In response to the recent cynicism about whether aid truly makes a difference in lives of the poor, Kristof raises the question, “If we...

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